The Old Red Barn

An American Classic.

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The Old Red Barn is a farm story for kids.

A children’s book about the changing landscape seen through the eyes of an old red barn.  The National Barn Alliance loved it, saying: “There is no better book for kids to learn about the life of a barn in America.”

Our books are American-Made, and for every book sold, one tree is planted with the National Forest Foundation.

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What Our Readers Are Saying


Book is amazing! The message gives the reader pause, while also offering hope. Perfect story for all ages.

Ms. Bohrer

Elementary Teacher

All 3 of my kids loved The Old Red Barn, and each has asked me to read it again.  It’s a jump-starter for questions, too.  Charlie, who is visually oriented, would ask things like: Why are there only 2 barns left? Where did the other barns go? It was the perfect gateway for me to describe the history.”

Kristin from Texas

Mom (of 3)

Such a sweet story, and I love that you gave the barn human qualities. A beautiful “read-aloud” book, too, and could also be read independently for 3rd graders. The rhyming is equally excellent and helps children identify the ending sounds of words. Well done!

Ms. Elder

Retired Elementary Teacher (35 years)

Last night I read The Old Red Barn. It is one of the most powerful children’s books I’ve ever read. This book should be in every school in America.

Rita from California

Mom (of 2)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Wrote The Book?
The Old Red Barn was written & illustrated by Kevin Kelly and Chris Laingen.

Kevin has an MFA in Printmaking and Chris has a PhD in Geography. Kevin did the illustrations, and Kevin & Chris tag-teamed the story-poem.

Where Do You Plant The Trees?
All over the place! We partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant one tree for every book published, and they plant trees in forests all over the country, with top priority going to the areas that need trees planted the most, whether caused by deforestation, man-made climate change, drought, forest fires, or any number of other causes. Trees for the first editions of old red barn books were planted in Chippewa Forest, in Chippewa State Park Minnesota. The goal is to build a forest and plant trees everywhere. If this sounds like fun to you, tell somebody!
Why Aren't You On Amazon?
Amazon makes you reduce the price of your book by 30% from any and all other retailers in order to sell on their platform. Unfortunate, but the golden rule states the one with the gold makes the rules. Such is life. In the meantime, we’re trying to build awareness around it organically, on a very small scale, and rely heavily on word of mouth. So if you like the book, please, from the bottom of our hearts, with sugar on top: Tell someone about it.
How Much Does It Cost?
20 bucks. And shipping is always free. Every time.
Where Do You Publish The Books?
Kearney, Nebraska. USA.
Do You Sell Wholesale?
Absolutely. Wanna put The Old Red Barn in your stores? Send us a note directly and we’ll get in touch within 24 hours.

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Old Red Barn

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